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It’s not a sign, it’s art!

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You can’t miss the newest addition to our art collection.  It is not hanging on our wall or a sculpture in the garden.  It is our bright, big and gorgeous new sign. 

Early in February, when my boss said we could get a new sign, I was thrilled.  Our old one was nice, but not very elegant or exciting (and I think we are both) and should have a sign that tells that to everyone who walks in our door.  I was hoping for a simple sign that would be tasteful and elegant; what I got was WOW!  And, from the responses I have received from everyone who has seen it, they love it too.

 Simple it is not; it has an ornate frame that the artist, Joe Gagnepain, assembled and welded right on site.  He painted the frame to match the other metals we have in the courtyard, and put the final touches on the sign that he hand carved for days to make just right.  While Joe was trying to install his latest masterpiece,  I would go outside to pester him; “Are you done yet?”  “When are you going to be finished?”, I’d ask.  He replied politely, “almost done”.  The thing is,  I just couldn’t wait, I had been waiting a long while for our new sign.  I think about 5 or 6 years, and the last 10 days seemed just as long. 

Well, I hope that you agree with me; it was worth the wait. And may I say, I did not know that when we contracted Joe, we were getting a local legend.  Little did I know that his artwork is all over town.  Curiously, I went on his website and saw some of his pieces and realized that he made the awesome bigger-than-life sculpture of a knight on a horse at the Geneva library, as well as an equally impressive moose at the local Moose Lodge on State Street.  All of his sculptures appear to be  inspired by scrap metal and regular household items that he recycles.  He has created signs for local merchants like, Cocoa Bean and The Dam Bar, as well as the beautiful ‘City of Geneva’ signs that greet you when you enter town.  You simply have to check out his work on his web site,  We are very proud to have a new piece of art created by Joe. Thanks Joe!