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And now more on our fabulous 12-12-12 wedding!

And now more on our fabulous 12-12-12 wedding!

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While we’ve all been enjoying the last beautiful days of summer, Sarah and John, our 12-12-12 winning couple, have been busy getting ready for their big day.  Besides the dresses, flowers are the next toughest decision a bride can make for her wedding.  Why so hard?  Think about it, I have never met a flower I didn’t like.  Every time I see a beautiful bouquet, I think, I love that!  I would definitely do those flowers and they instantly become my favorite. But, then there is next week when I say it all over again.  Sarah has a long line of decisions to make, let’s see how she does with the flowers, shall we?

From Sarah

After tearing out pages in magazines, combing through wedding bouquets online and pinning different décor ideas to Pinterest, it was finally time to bring my vision to life with Elizabeth Wray. For those of you who haven’t heard of this boutique, you are in for a surprise. Her creativity is endless, attention to detail flawless and overall presentation is insurmountable. Elizabeth’s design and arrangements are unlike any I’ve ever seen before and it is such an honor to have her executing my wedding vision.

Even though I had some ideas for décor, I brought my Mom along for assistance. She has always been able to refine my ideas into something greater, so between her and Elizabeth Wray, my wedding is sure to be magnificent!

As we walked in, there was a small round table complete with a couch and 4 different colored chivari chairs. I had never seen textured table linens before then and the centerpiece popped against the white fabric.


Elizabeth introduced herself and we immediately got to work. I pulled out different swatches from dresses, paper from the invitations and pictures for inspiration. We refined the romantic feel I wanted for the wedding and she introduced an element that I had not thought about for the ceremony: candles. Typically, I always think of candles for the mainly for the reception, however Elizabeth had been to the First Congregational Church before and knew how to execute this idea. She incorporated mercury glass into the vision and before I knew it I was hanging onto her every word. The softness of candles combined with the cold winter evening would be just right to create a warm, romantic feel for our ceremony.


Now, as if Elizabeth hadn’t been creative enough already, we started discussing bouquets and corsages. My Mom and Elizabeth talked about flowers that I had never heard of, showing me pictures along the way and building upon my theme. We added a little bling to the arrangements and matched ribbon for the stems. The ideas were unique and the vision was described in detail. I left the meeting with a sense of clarity that magazines and Pinterest couldn’t replicate. This was one of many moments I have had throughout the planning process where I have been blown away and I can’t wait until I get to see everything unveiled on 12.12.12.