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And now more on our fabulous 12-12-12 wedding!

12-12-12 The Perfect Wedding Date!

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Many of you select your wedding date for sentimental or romantic reasons. Say, the anniversary of your first date, or the same day your grandparents were married. Some of you like to pick a date that is catchy; a date that everyone will remember, and a date your spouse can never forget. And, one of you may have picked that date because you won it in a contest! That is why Sarah and John are having their wedding on 12-12-12. Yes, the date is catchy, but, they picked the date because they are the lucky winners of Geneva’s 12-12-12 wedding giveaway. We wanted to celebrate 12-12-12 with a big bang and this was the best way we could think to do it.
If you have not heard, the lucky winners will receive a complete wedding and reception in Geneva, Il., provided by some of its most generous wedding vendors. Everything from the dress to the jewelry and the cake to champagne is included. A dream wedding that is right out of the story books and this story even comes with a beautiful horse drawn carriage!
Needless to say, Riverside Receptions is taking part in this elegant affair, as well as our sister properties, The Herrington Inn and Spa, and Mill Creek Golf Club. Many other vendors are included in this gala event and are listed on the Geneva Wedding web site
We are so excited for Sarah and John, and we want to share their experience with you as they see it. I will be posting their blogs every few days from now up until their wedding date. Read it and weep, yes, I have been getting teary eyed as I read through their encounters.
And now from Sarah and John:
“And the winner is, drumroll please, John and Sarah!” This phrase has been echoing over and over in my head since Thursday, August 2. Sometimes, it still doesn’t seem real, perhaps I am dreaming. How am I lucky enough to not only be engaged to my perfect match, but also have won our Perfect Geneva Wedding on 12.12.12? But then, as my cheeks start aching from grinning ear to ear, I realize that this is not a fantasy, it is my reality. Together, John and I won!
Let’s rewind a little bit to the beginning of Thursday night. John and I arrived at Wildwood early hoping to calm nerves and visit with friends and family before the festivities began. It was evident that other people had the same idea because the room was already filling up with the 3 couples “cheering squads” and vendors. Clearly, excitement was building in the room for what was to be an unforgettable evening.
Promptly, at 6:15pm the Newlywed game began. Each couple sat back to back in chairs and had dry erase boards for their answers. The questions ranged from “What is your favorite food?” to “Where will you be spending Thanksgiving this year?” and each person had to write down what they thought their fiancé would say. This was an extremely close round. Amber/Patrick won and pulled out in the lead with an extra 15 points, while Trisha/Patrick and us were tied for second.
Next was the interview round. Amber and Patrick chose to interview first since they won the newlywed game and a coin toss determined that Trisha/Patrick would interview second and we would interview last. Time passed slowly as we watched the other couples enter and exit the interview with the judges. Finally, our names were called and behind us cheers erupted. Our family and friends clapped and whistled for encouragement and that is exactly what we needed. It reminded us that, no matter what the outcome, our family and friends always supported us and our love for one another.
Now, I know everyone is interested in what we were asked in the interview, but, honestly, I do not remember specific questions. There were 6 judges sitting on the other side of the table and I know we talked about how we met, our proposal story, and difficult times in our relationship, but the exact questions escape me. I just remember sitting there, holding John’s hand and being excited for this opportunity. Quickly, the 20-minute interview was over and last was the announcement of the winning couple.
Scores were tallied by the judges, gorgeous bouquets of flowers appeared, gift bags stuffed to the brim sat on the table and the room went dead silent. Now was moment that everyone had waited for, the announcement of the winning couple. The MC stood up front, recapped the exciting evening and detailed the wonderful prizes in the bags (Champagne, toasting flutes, flowers, and amazing coupons from all of the vendors) for the runners up. For the winning couple, they would receive a romantic dinner for 2 at Wildwood that night along with an amazing sketch portrait by Rosemary Fanti to capture the big night. Finally, the MC announced, “And the winner is, drumroll please, John and Sarah!” and tears quickly began to flow down my cheeks as I bounded into John’s arms for a hug. Our families’ cheers exploded as they rushed to our side to embrace us with hugs. I was shaking with excitement, eye makeup smeared and smiling from ear to ear realizing that in less than 5 months I would be marrying the love of my life in a picture perfect wedding in Geneva on 12.12.12!!!
And now, the wedding planning begins! Colors need to be chosen, dresses selected, invitations created, guests lists made, cakes tasted, rings fitted, flowers picked, etc. but, thankfully, our wedding coordinator, Leanne, at You Name It Events will be guiding us through the process.